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zamzam water being poured into a bottle at masjid al haram

The story of Zamzam water

When we undertake the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj, we not only replicate the sacrifice undertaken by Prophet Ibrahim (AS), we also follow in the footsteps in Hajar – the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and mother to Ismail (AS). It was through Hajar the miracle of Zamzam water took place.

The Miracle of Zamzam Water

Left in the desert by Prophet Ibrahim, Hajar and her infant son Ismail were in need of water in the stifling heat.

And so Hajar ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times in search of water. She then heard a voice.

She called out and SubhanAllah saw Angel Jibreel where the Zamzam well now stands. Angel Jibreel had dug through the sand and unearthed a well of water.

This water is known as Zamzam water as Hajar called out “Zom! Zom!” (Stop! Stop!) as the water kept following, in fear it would run out.

SubhanAllah! Zamzam water has many benefits with healing, health and considered a blessing for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“The water of Zamzam is (good) for whatever it is intended.” (Sahih Muslim)

The Zamzam well provides water to pilgrims every year. When pilgrims now also run between the hills of Safa and Marwa as part of the steps of Hajj, they replicate the struggle of Hajar – an important figure in Islam – and also collect Zamzam to take home to loved ones.

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