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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising really is all about having fun whilst also helping those less fortunatearound the world. You may already have an idea and just need some resources from us, or perhaps you really want to do something worthwhile but don’t know where to start. Well here we have lots of fun and creative ideas along with helpful information to get you well on your way.

Take on a challenge of a lifetime

Every year we put together a range of incredible challenges, both national and international, giving you the chance to experience something truly life-changing, whilst raising funds for our water projects.

From marathons and cycle challenges, to climbing some of the highest mountains in the world – we have it all. Click here to find out more.

Fundraising ideas


Such a simple way to fundraise, auction various items on social media. It could be items you already have at home and no longer want/need or you could ask a local business to donate items for your auction.

Bake Sale

A true classic. How about adding a theme to your fundraiser depending on the cause you’re raising for? E.g. a blue theme if you’re fundraising to provide clean water. Or you could really go for it, sell other homemade delights alongside your delicious baked goods like milkshakes, smoothies or classic desserts (trifle, cake & custard etc.).

Car Wash

Probably the most fun thing you could do in the summer and all you need is water, a bucket, a sponge and some car shampoo. You could do this at your school or workplace, or you could even ask a local business to let you use their grounds/car park.

Car Boot Sale

Just like the charity car wash, you just need to find a good location, and ask lots of people bring a boot full of goodies and/or items they no longer need. Each person pays a fixed fee to be allowed to sell at your car boot sale.

Competitive Event

Organise a paintballing or go-karting event, you could make it a competition between individuals, or something for teams? Add a little on top of the cost price to donate to your chosen cause. Or perhaps you can ask for a reduced charity rate when organising the event?

Dress Blue Day

At Islamic Relief we definitely LOVE blue! How about having a ‘dress blue day’ at your school or workplace? Everyone wears one blue item of clothing and donates a fixed amount to your chosen cause.

Football Match or Tournament

If you already play on a particular day and time, why not ask all the players to make a donation on the day too. Or if you’re a real football enthusiast, organise a charity football tournament. This is a great way to raise lots of funds for your chosen cause.

‘Give It Up!’ Challenge

Can you get through a week, or a month, without tea or coffee? Maybe you can’t live without having a takeaway? Give it up!

Raise money by asking your family & friends to sponsor you giving up something you love for a set period of time as your personal challenge or to sponsor you a set amount per day and see how many days you last without it.

Likes for Lives

Have you got a sizeable social media following? If so, why not post something on social media about the cause of your choice, and for every like, re-tweet, share or view, you can get a donation of 5/10p (for example). This donation could either a target you set yourself or could be sponsored by your family and friends, as agreed with them beforehand.

Online Fundraiser

Feel passionate about a cause and don’t have time to organise an event? Create your own fundraising page on EverydayHero and start raising money immediately.

You can use social media and WhatsApp to really get the message out about the cause you are fundraising for, and get your family and friends to support!

Sports Day

Get your local community involved. Hold a sports day with the classic activities like an egg & spoon race, three-legged race, sack race and lots more. Make it an unforgettable day by getting adults and the children involved, a real family event. You can either charge an entrance fee, an event participation fee or ask people to donate on the day.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Charge participants a registration fee and organise a treasure hunt. You could even add a little twist – get participants to buy clues for where the treasure is located. Remember, the better the treasure, the more money they’ll donate to find it first.

Video Gaming Tournament

For those who love their video games, this ensures you have LOTS of fun whilst raising money for your chosen cause. You can charge an entrance fee to anyone that wishes to take part and arrange a prize for the winner.

Walk/Cycle to Work

Instead of driving to work or using public transport, use this fundraising idea to get into shape and donate the money you will save from buying tickets and filling up on petrol. This idea will allow you to put your money towards a better cause, stay fit and is also good for the environment!

Need help?

Should you require sponsorship forms for your fundraising idea, they can be downloaded here.

If you feel you may need some help or resources, please contact our Events and Challenges Coordinator on [email protected]

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