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Why is children’s education important?

Across the globe, a staggering 250 million children are lacking in basic literacy skills. Every child deserves a quality education. It’s the key to a brighter future, offering the chance to learn critical skills, grow in self-confidence and escape the brutal cycle of poverty. Children’s education charities play a crucial role in helping children build their own futures. Crucially, an education also has an impact on the generations to come, not only within a single family but to the wider community.

“The best gift a father can provide for their child is an education.”

Hadith | Tirmidhi

At Islamic Relief, we believe in the need to educate, learn, and grow – helping each child to gain a vital education, learn much-needed skills and grow into a bright and happy future insha’Allah. Donate education charity now.

Give hope to children like Hamsa

Living under blockade, hope is essential to the people of Gaza. Hamsa's home floods in the winter and is too hot to stay inside during the summer. Thanks to Islamic Relief, not only is Hamsa provided for, but she is now receiving an education in the hope that one day, she can help rebuild her country.

"I try not to miss a single day of school. I have a big hope that education can change Gaza for the better." - Hamsa

Alhamdulillah, Hamsa loves her studies, especially technology which is her favourite subject. You can give hope to a child like Hamsa.

Why Islamic Relief Are Supporting Education

Education for children is one of the single most important things impacting the future of communities in need around the world.

At Islamic Relief, we believe in the need to educate, learn and grow – helping each child to gain a critical education, learn much-needed skills and grow a bright and happy future insha’Allah.

Education charity with Islamic Relief 

At Islamic Relief, we’re committed to breaking the ongoing cycle of poverty that so many children face. We want to ensure that all children receive at least primary education and that adults are taught to read and write too.

Islamic Relief build and rehabilitate schools, stocking and equipping them to provide quality teaching. We train teachers so that they give the best education possible, and support schools with milk and nutritional meals, to ensure that children are healthy enough to concentrate and learn. As well as this, we work with adults, teaching them in ways that work best for their situation and culture to facilitate learning in the safest way possible to transform lives.

Islamic Relief has helped to provide education support to over 285,000 people across 21 countries, through funding mobile classrooms, rebuilding and refurbishing schools, supporting children with special educational needs, school equipment and teachers’ salaries. With your continued support, we can help to provide the means for a much brighter future for so many in need.

By supporting us you can provide a child or adult with a brighter future free from poverty. You can help educate others and enable them to learn and grow a stable future.

Transform a life today for generations to come. Donate now. 

How we’re using your education charity: Sudan

“It is helping us a lot, and soon my brothers will also join the school!”

Najad Mohammed, 13, and her sister used to be the only children in her family to attend school. Living in a refugee camp in Nertiti, Darfur, her parents could barely afford to feed their five children. Najad’s three brothers worked alongside them to earn more money instead of getting an education.

“We rely on the wages my father receives from his job as a day labourer,” says Najad. “Sometimes we go with our mother to work in other houses – washing clothes, cleaning and taking care of their kids to earn some money and help our family.”

Education charity: A solution which suits everyone

Islamic Relief is giving over a thousand children that chance. We’re removing one of the main obstacles to education – lack of food – by supplying 1,159 poor students with staple foods including cereal, pulses, oil, and salt…providing they attend school.

It’s a solution which suits everyone. Parents no longer need to worry about where their children’s next meal will come from, while students aren’t forced to leave their childhood behind too early.

Islamic Relief is also building four classrooms in our school, and we are very happy about this!” smiled Najad.

Help provide support to a child like Najad. Donate now. 

Education Charity: Frequently Asked Questions

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