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A small landlocked country in Southern Africa, Lesotho has been left struggling with climate-induced drought and crop failures. Locals face food insecurity, so our programmatic work has focussed on offering vital food relief.

In Lesotho, drought and subsequent crop failures have caused a severe food crisis across the region. The effects of El-Niño have been devastating and with only 9% of land in Lesotho suitable for growing crops, subsequent high food prices mean that maintaining a healthy diet is simply impossible for many of the 2.2 million population.

In fact, a staggering 1 in 3 people across Lesotho are food insecure. With low incomes and many families in rural areas reliant on agriculture, food insecurity poses a significant threat. Across the country, 72% of the population live in rural areas where 2 out of every 5 families are forced to spend over half of their income on food.

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The situation in Lesotho

Many people across the country face a range of daily struggles as a result of drought and subsequent crop failures.


the population live below the poverty line (UN World Food Programme, 2018)


of the population are unemployed (UNDP, 2018)


is the average life expectancy


of children suffer from moderate/severe stunting (UNICEF, 2012)

Islamic Relief in Lesotho

Recognising the need for food relief across Lesotho, Islamic Relief supports seasonal-based projects where we work to provide supplementary food resources at critical times of the year.

At Islamic Relief, we run seasonal Qurbani and Ramadan programmes to provide locals with much needed protein and food sources to help combat malnutrition and stunting.

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