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Humanitarian access

Reaching People in Crisis

Since 1984, Islamic Relief has been there when conflict or disaster strikes, often in some of the most difficult to reach and dangerous places. Our ability to reach people in crisis and their ability to access humanitarian assistance and services are critical for effective humanitarian action and our mission to save lives. 

The ultimate responsibility to meet people’s basic needs lies with states and other actors who control a territory or population. When they are unable or unwilling to fulfil this responsibility, it is crucial that humanitarian actors are given unimpeded access to those in need. 

Barriers to Access

There are many types of constraints on humanitarian access – from mundane bureaucratic restrictions, to denial, delay, and diversion of aid, to ongoing fighting and even deliberate attacks on civilians and our staff. Constraints are also not always deliberate, especially in the context of natural disasters, with dangerous weather and terrain, or insufficient and unsafe infrastructure also limiting access. 

Advocating for Rights

We are able to limit the impact of some of these constraints by building trust through local partnerships, as well as a focus on innovative programming that can adapt to different access challenges. 

These efforts can only go so far though, especially in the context of war and conflict. In the most challenging contexts, where vulnerable populations’ right to protection and access to humanitarian assistance is most at threat, we advocate for states and parties to abide by international law and uphold their responsibilities towards populations under their control. 

Write to your MP and call on the UK to protect civilians in Gaza

As the world witnesses the appalling violence against civilians, we are calling on each and every one of you to contact your local MP to urge the UK government to call for an immediate ceasefire and demand that international law is upheld and civilians are protected.

More on advocacy and campaigning

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