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Winter Appeal 2022 Islamic Relief UK

Winter Appeal - Help families survive


can provide food for a family for one month

can provide a family with a Winter essential kit including blankets, quilts, shawls, sweaters and mattresses

can provide a winter essentials kit, and fuel to help keep families warm through the winter nights

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A worrying winter ahead 

This winter is particularly challenging for the most vulnerable families across the globe. With high energy and food prices, more and more people have been pushed into poverty. Support our Winter Appeal and help families survive the harsh winter weather.

Help vulnerable families survive this Winter

Your donations can provide families with the essentials they need to survive the winter season.

Food Pack (£50)

Winter Essentials Kit (£100)

Fuel and Winter Essentials Kit (£160)

Basic Winter Pack (£210)

Complete Winter Pack (£350)

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Families struggle even more in the midst of winter’s plummeting temperatures and harsh weather. They face a struggle to feed themselves, a struggle to keep warm, a struggle to keep safe, and a struggle to survive.

Many are also prone to serious illnesses in these conditions. Children are particularly vulnerable, and as well as falling sick, many are unable to study and go to school.

Adults face an even greater struggle to work, pushing many families further into poverty.

a father and his three children in syria keeping themselves warm around an open fire
Image: a father and his children keeping themselves warm around an open during the harsh winter months in Syria.

Winter Appeal: Islamic Relief’s programme

In 2022, through your generous support, Islamic Relief were able to deliver winter essentials to over 503,000 people in scores of countries through our Winterisation programme. The support provided included distributing thermal clothing, bedding, blankets, fuel for heating, cash vouchers and food packs.

This winter, more people than ever before are in desperate need. This includes families in dire need in Gaza and Syria, as well as Afghanistan where most families do not know where their next meal is coming from. 

family in gaza receiving winter aid from islamic relief gaza team
Image: Islamic Relief Gaza team distributing emergency aid such as blankets, mattresses, food and fuel to families affected by the winter storms in Gaza.

Our Winter Appeal is a lifeline for these families, who will now be able to get through winter without worrying about how to feed their children and keep them warm. By donating to Islamic Relief’s Winter Appeal, you can help save lives.

Please help vulnerable families survive this season: give generously to our Winter Appeal.

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