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Championing Rights

From ensuring unimpeded access to vulnerable populations in Yemen and Syria, to calling for international action to avert famine in places such as Ethiopia and Afghanistan, to standing with refugees and displaced peoples, Islamic Relief UK campaigns to defend the rights of those affected by conflict and disasters and champion their rights to lead dignified lives, even in the most difficult of circumstances. 

We are there when disaster strikes, and we are there long after our emergency response, helping to rebuild livelihoods, but also working with policymakers to ensure that we are addressing the root causes of injustice and creating lasting change for the communities we serve. In recent years this has also meant responding to communities in need here in the UK. 

Here in the UK our Public Affairs and Campaigns team work to engage our supporters, and work with the government, civil society organisations, and other critical stakeholders to defend the rights of the world’s most vulnerable communities, always with a focus on advocating for an end to the root causes of poverty and injustice. 

You can find further information on our priority areas of work by following the links below:

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