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Sustainable development

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

All our work is underpinned by our commitment to furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as we help bring about sustainable change in developing countries. 

Our programmes are not just about providing access to essential services – they also address the multiple challenges communities face and empower them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our Sustainable Development programmes are changing lives 

“I was an artisan gold miner, relying on luck to support my two children. Previously we had no water and farming knowledge,” says Juma, 26. He lives in Moyale, Kenya, an area on the frontline of the climate emergency.

Working with communities devastated by recurring flooding and droughts, we constructed dams and installed solar-irrigation technology. Juma decided to take up farming and joined other local people in one of the farmers’ groups we formed. As a result of our work, 3,000 families – including Juma’s – now have livelihoods that can better withstand the challenges of climate change. 

“I make a good income. During a three-month season I can earn £19 per day from the sale of tomatoes. Our children are healthy because they now eat food fresh from the farm, unlike before.”

Man tending to his crops in a field

Empowering communities 

Through our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals;  particularly Goal One-  to eradicate poverty, and Goal 13- to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, we want to ensure the eradication of poverty by providing families like Juma’s with long lasting changes that ensure he has a sustainable income for the future. 

Our approach aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and its impact, as we aim to bring about transformational change.

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