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We believe in helping everyone

Your donations have been the ease for millions of people around the world, SubhanAllah.

Last year, your generous allowed us to serve a ground-breaking total of 13,283,400 people in need, SubhanAllah. Every donation you make plays a vital role in the future of someone in need, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share the impact of the work you supported.

We’ve carried on quenching thirsts, protecting the vulnerable, growing livelihoods, and educating young minds.

Impact Report: Your Impact in 2022

Your generosity helped Islamic Relief to achieve incredible results in 2022, supporting 13,283,400 people around the world.
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We believe in dignity

We don’t just help people in poverty but out of poverty. And this has only been possible because of your generous support. Your donations are a critical lifeline.

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For every 1p that we spend on fundraising, we raise an additional 10p, that’s an extra 90p on top of your £1. Your donation is almost doubled!

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