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Dear Lifesaver Podcast – The Climate Crisis Is Here, What Do We Do Now?

Welcome to the Dear Lifesaver podcast!

Here, we’re tackling some big questions we have about aid in the 21st century, finding out what it takes to save a life, and exploring how faith factors into all of this…

The biggest question is, could you help save and transform more lives by learning something new about humanitarian aid?

The climate crisis is happening in real time, right now, and endangering some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

In light of the recent floods that have sunk one third of the country of Pakistan this past September 2022, this listen is more poignant than ever.

Sara and Nabilah spoke to campaigner Muna Suleiman, to help shed light on an issue that continues to polarise communities and dominate the political landscape. We uncover why the climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis, why individual action is the ultimate act of worship, the role of NGOs, and the connection between race and the climate crisis, here in the UK and across the world.

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