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brown prayer beads (tasbih) and quran

Sheikh Hasib Noor

Sheikh Hasib Noor is one of our scholars, who we work closely with to ensure content across our channels is purposeful and accurate.

Our scholars are a valuable part of the process behind creating and publishing all kinds of content at Islamic Relief UK, to ensure that we remain a reliable resource for our community and beyond.

Bio: Sheikh Hasib Noor

Raised in the U.S.A, Sheikh Hasib Noor has garnered a global audience for his specialist knowledge of the Seerah (Prophetic biography) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the creation of successful faith-based community spaces across the world.

His interest in traditional Islamic knowledge began as a teenager. After completing his undergraduate major in Pre-Med with a minor in Psychology, he pursued his studies at the College of Islamic Law in the University of Madinah and thus began decades of building his illustrious career serving the Muslim community.

For 10 years, Sh. Hasib Noor resided in the city of Madinah, Makkah, under the tutelage of over 50 of the scholars in Madinah in the Islamic sciences. There, he trained in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Usul and Ifta, Hadith, Quranic Sciences, Tafsir, the Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) (Prophetic biography) and Islamic History.

Now, Sheikh Hasib Noor is internationally recognised for his expertise, and has served the community as a board member and Imam across the world, on platforms such as Al Maghrib Institute and The Legacy Institute, of which he is the Founder and Director.

With a deep passion for reclaiming Islamic Legacy, Sheikh Hasib Noor is now connecting the global community to the historical, cultural, civilisational and scholastic legacy of Islam through other qualified subject matter experts and researchers like himself.

He currently resides in Madinah with his wife, dedicating his time to his invaluable work.

Scholar Verified

Making sure that everything we say here at Islamic Relief UK is both purposeful and true, is paramount to fulfilling our organisation’s important values, particularly Ikhlas (sincerity) and Ihsaan (excellence).

As such, we work closely with our our scholars to help make certain that the information we put out to our valuable readers is accurate. Visit Our Scholars page to find out more about our scholarly review process.

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