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ajaiba and her two young children, a daughter and son

Ethiopia: Your Qurbani brings joy to Ajaiba and her family

Ethiopia has now witnessed three consecutive failed rainy seasons, meaning drought conditions for the population of 120 million living in the land-locked country. 

Economic instability and political unrest have added to the country’s turmoil. Children and their families are struggling to survive due to loss of livelihoods and livestock, meaning millions are now struggling to meet their basic food and water needs. Last year’s Qurbani 2022 project targeted Orphan and Vulnerable Children, Children who have lost both or either of his/her parents and children with acute need of food support.

Ajaiba Shayicho is 30. She lives in Kolfe Keranio, a district in west Addis Ababa. with her husband Sabit Ali, and their three children.

Ajaiba Shayicho, mother in ethiopia islamic relief rightsholder who received qurbani meat
Eid al-Adha is a special holiday for us. It gives us joy

says Ajaiba

“We celebrated this year’s Eid al-Adha with nothing but the meat you gave us. 

“It is difficult to buy meat even for holidays.Had it not been for the donations from donors, our friends, and relatives, it would have been impossible to eat meat during Eid.

“It is a holiday where people are more sympathetic and supportive of each other.

“It is also a time of compassion. The rich share their meal with the poor.

“Alhamdulillah, now that you have brought us this meat, with the blessings of God, the children are very happy”, she says.

ajaiba, a mother from ethiopia, prepare the qurbani meat with her daughter islamic relief
Alhamdulillah, now that you have brought us this meat, with the blessings of God, the children are very happy.

says Ajaiba

Ajaiba once earned a wage from washing clothes for other families, but a kidney infection and gallstones forced her to stop working and the family-of-five are now dependent on Sabit’s “meager income” from his work as a day labourer.

“Our monthly income is very low.”

“We live in this small and uncomfortable house for rent. We spend three thousand birr every month on house rent. This is a fee that is beyond our means. It does not match our income.”

“The amount of meat given to us is sufficient for us. We know that there are other people who are in need of similar support during this Eid and you are trying to reach those people as much as you can.I sincerely thank those who have given us the meat pack. May Allah give them long life and good health”, says Ajaiba.

Thank you for your generous donations which are a lifeline for families like Ajaiba’s. Find out more about our Quality Assured Qurbani programme here.

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