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Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Episode #3: How Safe Spaces Save Lives

Welcome to the Dear Lifesaver podcast!

On the Dear Lifesaver podcast we’re tackling some big questions we have about aid in the 21st century, finding out what it takes to save a life, and exploring how faith factors into all of this…

The biggest question is, could you help save and transform more lives by learning something new about humanitarian aid? Ever heard the saying, ‘charity begins at home’?

The Islamic tradition is rich in its teachings about Sadaqah or charity, and while charity is typically regarded as a monetary donation, Sadaqah is a far-reaching concept of charity that includes more abstract acts such as removing harmful objects from a path, planting a tree or smiling at someone. At Islamic Relief, we thought it important to platform why creating and holding safe spaces is an integral part of what it means to provide charity to others.

We were delighted to speak with director of Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) Maaria Mahmoud and Hadil Noor. The charity has remained a cornerstone for those seeking a safe space to discuss their mental health and wellbeing struggles for over 20 years.

In this episode we discover why more people are seeking help for their mental health from within the Muslim community in particular, as well as the role of faith in mental health, and why safe spaces save lives – something that is paramount to upholding our values here at Islamic Relief UK.

We’d like to make our listeners aware that this episode contains conversations touching on the topic of mental health and suicide. 


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