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Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Ep#6: How To Find Your Purpose

Welcome to the Dear Lifesaver podcast!

Here, we’re tackling some big questions we have about aid in the 21st century, finding out what it takes to save a life, and exploring how faith factors into all of this…

In the hustle and bustle of modern life and its day-to-day hardships, it’s easy to forget our purpose in this life, and the purpose of the things that come our way. It can be challenging to be close to our hardships or the hardships of others and still understand why these things happen – especially when they’re sometimes terrible beyond belief.

Yet that innate and great resilience that’s within us as human beings, if not there to help us endure and overcome the challenges of our own lives, can be there to serve and respond to those who are in need.

In this episode Sara and Nabilah speak with director of Islamic Relief UK Tufail Hussain, as he shares with us a personal tragedy that has helped him cultivate a sense of purpose in the last 16 years of his experience in the humanitarian and development sector.

With his insights, we uncover what it takes to anchor ourselves during our day-to-day and why that’s an essential part of living purposefully.

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